Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toketee Falls Closed

Laurie and I recently got back from a mini trip to visit the many waterfalls of route #138 North Umpqua Hwy. It was somewhat successful however the biggest draw of the trip for me was the anticipation of seeing Toketee Falls. Unfortunately the trail going in is blocked by crime scene type tape complete with photos of a massive tree that has fallen this past winter. So for any of you planning to see these falls it won't be happening. I can't figure out why they haven't worked to open up this trail before now being that this summer is almost over.
You wont be disappointed if you decided to make the trip anyway. there are 15 waterfalls between glide Oregon and Diamond lake. The north entrance to the magnificent Crater Lake is only 6 miles from Diamond Lake. this is a must see wonder of the world, it will take your breath away.
Coming home we came through bend and visited Smith Rock State Park. we came away with some spectacular images of the park as well as up close photos of the rock climbers. you can see more of those images on the web-site .
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