Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mt Rainier Waterfall Photography

Snoquera Falls
Day two of our mini vacation was packed with hiking and driving. We left our hotel in Sumner Washington and proceeded east on the 410 through Enumclaw on the heading for Mt Rainier and beyond. The goal for me was to bag a couple of waterfalls that I had recently found out about and then post on the website. I told Laurie that there would be no hiking and that both falls have roadside viewpoints.The 410 becomes "Mather Memorial Highway" and we eventually came to the Skookum falls turnout. All I had was 200mm focal length I could have used 300 more effectively but I went to work setting up a shot and trying to find a worthwhile composition. As you can tell by the lack of a posted image of Skookum falls I wasn’t altogether happy with my results.

Only ½ mile past Skookum was the trailhead for the much anticipated
Snoquera Falls. After some additional reading of my notes on the falls I realized there would be a short hike involved including elevation gain. Laurie as is almost always the case agreed to make the hike with me even though she was feeling ill with a chest cold. The greatest wife a man could ask for is one that wants to see her husband’s happiness and is willing to sometimes forgo here own misgivings so that we can pursue an interest that we may be so passionate about.

The trail up to the falls can be misleading at first because of two sections that have multiple forks that are unmarked. Fortunately I had great notes. A few switchbacks later we rounded the corner to see the magnificent site that is Snoquera Falls. My favorite shot was taken right from the trail and is literally the first glimpse a hiker will see of the falls. I proceeded to get closer to the falls and ascended the terraced rocks below the falls in order to get up close and personal for my second series of images.

The rest of the day consisted of driving up and over Chinook Pass with grand views of Rainier and beyond. Coming off the mountain we headed east and were flanked on our right side by the picturesque Naches River. We drove into Yakima and finally stopped in for dinner at Miner Famous Burgers Nothing special and darned expensive, $ 27.50 for two burger baskets with shakes, WOW!!
Wind Turbines

On the road again we linked up with hwy 97 south and proceeded to Goldendale Washington. The Wind turbines caught our eye so out came the camera for a couple of photos.

Finally we reached Oregon and I-84. We filled up in Hood River then continued south up Hwy 35 towards Govt. Camp and beyond. The sun was fading fast at this point and the sky looked angry. I was hoping to get a dramatic sunset shot from the Trillium lake vantage point. The clouds never did cooperate and the photo gods didn’t smile on us so we headed for home, reaching Clackamas approximately 11:00 pm.

I would say we had a full day and a nice mini vacation together.
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