Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photogaphy Paintings

A technique I’ve been having fun with lately is that of impressionistic photography or digital painting. I first heard about this technique in a recent article in Outdoor Photographer. I really loved the painterly fell to the images, but it was more than that; something unusual and very different than a painting, painting with light

I recently got the chance to try out this method on a large tree farm near Umatilla Oregon. The trick for making these images work is the exact amount of blur and that can really only be achieved by trial and error. There is no exact blueprint for every situation.

The ideal equipment for this upward panning technique is to have a tilt and pan tripod head, giving you more control over lateral movement. I only have a ball head and have done the best I could. Typically here is the rundown: 1. Find a subject with vertical lines preferably 2. Mount camera on tripod and set a 2 second timer. 3. Using a neutral density filter and a relatively small aperture to achieve an approximate 2-3 second exposure 4. Depress the shutter button and anticipate when the shutter will open, then begin panning skyward during the entire exposure. 5. Check the LCD for the results and repeat if necessary.

I hope you give it a try it’s a lot of fun..

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