Sunday, June 20, 2010

Salt Creek Falls, One To Remember

Salt Creek Falls

The most visited natural attraction along Oregon’s Hwy# 58 better known Willamette 
Highway No. 18 is Salt Creek Falls.
The Parking area and restrooms with flushable toilets are located 60 miles East of Springfield or 38 miles NW of Chemult Oregon. When you arrive you will have access to a kiosk that shows the history of the area as well as maps and trail descriptions. The falls themselves are breathtaking on two fronts the sheer vastness of the canyon with the creek below and of course the huge volume of water that flows. These falls have the highest and most consistent volumes of water in any of the Southern Oregon falls. The forest service claims this is the second highest falls in all of Oregon; Watson Falls come in a close third.

Salt Creek
I found these falls a little tough to photograph especially when there is strong sunlight causing exposure problems. The second thing that makes photography tough is that the entire upper viewing area is protected by a high guardrail that runs the rights flank of the falls. There is a small lower viewing platform that allows for a frontal shot. I had to go way off trail to get the vantage point you see here. The spray is very powerful and carries downstream for a few hundred yards. I took a dozen shots and all the while had to keep wiping my filters off, I really only came away with one semi clean shot.

If you feel the need for more exercise there are two more falls here that can be accessed by foot, Fall Creek Falls and Diamond Creek falls. If you don’t care about the exercise than I might skip the 6 miles of hiking, as these falls will be a bit of a disappointment. 

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