Sunday, October 3, 2010

Billy Chinook Falls

We recently took a 400-mile road trip this first weekend in October. Mainly I was in search of fall color Near Willamette Pass and also was looking forward to some Aspens near Black Butte. Neither of those images came together for various reasons. We did however manage a nice lunch in Sisters and made a large loop through Redmond and back over Mount Hood. Took a short detour through Lake Billy Chinook in hopes of finding Billy Chinook Falls and any other interesting comps of the reservoir. This is what I came away with. If you ever want to drive through the area you may want to know that continuing on towards Pelton Dam and lake Simtustus makes for a nice scenic drive and really doesn’t ad much more mileage as you will T-bone right into Hwy 26 just South of Warm Springs.

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