Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gorge Hikers Beware !!

Just got back from another Waterfall Photography trip with with two of my sons today.The goal was not overly ambitious as seems not to be the norm whenever I go out. We hiked up to Ponytail falls from the Horsetail Falls trail head. I spent 20 min or so photographing and then we proceeded another 1.3 miles to photograph Triple Falls. For those of you planning a trip in the are be forewarned that the bridge just beyond Triple Falls on trail #424 that crosses Oneonta Gorge was damaged and has been removed. The Oneonta Gorge is impassable at this time. This makes a loop trip impossible. As a matter of fact you cannot access Triple falls or beyond to Larch mountain from The Oneonta Gorge Trail #424 at this time. The bridge is budgeted and slated to be replaced this year 2009. Another note able about the area is the fact that there is a sizeable log jam at the entrance to Oneonta Gorge. For those of you including myself this only means that there will be a Little more adventure involved when we decide to don our Tevas and wade up the slot canyon and through the water. for any reason including magnificent photo ops. I hope this helps.. Happy Hiking, Shawn.
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