Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Zigzag Falls Directions

Little ZigZag Falls

Here’s my take on this little charmer, one of only a few waterfalls on Mt Hood, the little Zigzag Falls are not a disappointment. The very short hike will reward you with the 75-foot drop high volume falls. The Little Zigzag Falls on the West side of Mt. Hood has very easy access.

Getting There: Head East on Hwy #26 after passing the towns of Rhododendron and Zigzag on you’re way towards Govt. Camp and as the road starts a continuous uphill grade start looking at road markers on the left. Approximately 4 miles East of Rhododendron you will turn left on Road #39; a large sign that directs you to the Mt Hood Kiwanis Camp also denotes this road. After turning onto Road #39 drive until the road ends ½ mile past the Kiwanis camp. There is a large turnout and a clear marked trailhead. The falls are a mere 1/3 of a mile upstream.

Other falls to consider while up on the mountain are: Tamanawas Falls located just past Sherwood Campground on Hwy #35 also you may enjoy Sahale Falls accessed just past the Mt Hood Meadows ski area off of Hwy #35.

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