Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Noise Reduction Software Reviews

As photographers we strive for a certain identifiable style that we can call our own and to that end we look for the tools that will help us achieve the best results in the digital darkroom. One of the biggest issues we face in postproduction is that of digital noise which is inherent to today’s image sensors and there limitations.

Most image editing software come with there own noise reduction solutions some better than others. I recently purchased the plug-in version of Imagenomic’s Noisware software. I am very pleased to say the least. The program is fully customizable but also has presets for Landscapes, portraiture ect.. The beautiful thing is that Imagenomic make a free Noisware Community Edition that works quite well. The only drawback is that you cannot save you’re
work as a 16 or 32 bit T.I.F.F.

Don’t’ get me wrong I do believe that there are other fine noise reduction software out there like: Noise Ninja, NIK Dfine 2.0, Neat Image, Alien Skin Image Doctor, Fred Miranda ISOx Pro, and the list goes on and on. For me I truly believe this is a quality product that works. After all balancing the noise and sharpness while retaining color saturation is a real balancing act that requires the correct algorithms. Here is a comparison between Noisware and Noise Ninja.For more comparisons of many other software go here. Imagenomic make other great products as well and even offer a bundle that includes: Portraiture, Noisware and Real Grain.

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