Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beacon Rock and Rodney Falls

If you’re looking for a short excursion near the Portland area that includes minimal hiking and two waterfalls try Beacon Rock State Park located in the Columbia River Gorge about 3 miles west of the Bridge of the Gods. I have been to this park a couple of times and my interest this time was to photograph Rodney Falls and Hardy Falls. A mere 1.25 miles from the trailhead you will come to Hardy Falls and let me say that they are not worth the short stairs that lead down to them I didn’t even bother to take a photograph. On the other hand I was fairly impressed with Rodney Falls and spent quite some time below the falls trying different comps out. On this day it was tough to find a time when I had the area all to myself. This is a popular trail and people generally seem to mill about the falls area making photography tough.
If you have the energy there are several things to explore while in Beacon Rock State Park. The two waterfalls I’ve already mentioned as well as a more extensive hike up to Hamilton Mountain. Additionally you may choose to climb to the summit of Beacon Rock itself via extensive scaffolding like steel stairway complete with fencing and handrails that are securely built right into the rock itself.

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Bob Bennett said...

This is a great view of the falls. I don't think I've ever climbed down to this spot to take a look at it. The upper portion, "Pool of Winds" is an interesting place to visit and is particularly refreshing on a hot day. Also if you're interested in the rest of the hike up Hamilton Mt, or Beacon Rock, feel free to visit my trail hiking site.

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